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Mark Harnett Consulting (MHC) is a Research, Service Design, Strategy, Human Factors and Training Consultancy, set-up by Mark Harnett, in 2019.  During the 15 years prior, Mark worked across multiple challenging sectors including retail, education, energy, transport, and most recently, finance. 

MHC is uniquely positioned to deploy modern research and co-creation methods, tools and techniques across products, services and systems. This is done with a passion for applying an evidence based human centred approach and through developing deep empathy - creating a rich understanding of customer behaviours, attitudes, and motivations to inform and de-risk strategy, develop new propositions and transform end to end experiences.

Mark Harnett Consulting is a Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors Registered Consultancy.



"Fundamentally, design is a problem-solving mindset grounded in Strategy and Research"


Justin Baker, Intuit

About Mark 


As important as the expertise, are the values, behaviours and attitudes. Mark is compassionate, honest and self-aware as a person, and passionate about helping clients build-in customer centricity into all stages of the development lifecycle. A strong believer that Research and Design is a team game, yet mindful of the need to help people and organisations understand it's value.   

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